Barrett Quan

full stack web developer living in Los Angeles. Boba enthusiast.


Freelance Projects

proj 4

Pomsky Website

Built with WordPress, PHP, Divi,

WordPress site fully reimagined from a UX/UI designs, and brought to life by building on top of existing Divi layouts, for a beautiful, compatible and user friendly site

Personal Projects

proj 4

React Pokedex

Built with React, PokeAPI database integration

An elegant and simplistic Pokedex built entirely in React.js. Searches PokeAPI and renders whatever Pokemon you search in a '90s inspired GameBoy Color theme.

proj 4

V-PESTS (Virtual Pet Simulator)

Built with MEAN Stack, Google oAuth, Materialize

Experience a blast from the past as you feed, train and clean up your VPESTS. Watch it grow as it can evolve after continuous interactions. Sprite sheets and keyframes were the basis of the monster animations. Created within a 7 day project sprint, in the last week of my 12 week web development course.

proj 3

Dinder (Yelp Food Finder)

Built with Express, NodeJS, Javascript, Facebook oAuth, Yelp API, BootStrap

Indecisive about where to eat tonight? Use Dinder to swipe through suggested businesses based off current location to find the right match for you. Using yelp’s api to provide the search and save results. Created within a 7 day project sprint by a four member team, week 9 out of 12 of my Web Development course.

proj 1

Connect Four

Built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Play connect four with a friend, taking turns on a traditional 7 x 6 board. Coded in javascript, HTML, and CSS. Winning game logic computed based off of recursive calculations of the grid in JavaScript. Built in a 7 day sprint, week 3 of 12 of my Web Development Immersive Course.


Full stack web developer (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) by choice and people person by nature transitioning from sports coach to web development. My coding skills and knowledge have been gained after daily drilling myself to complete code challenges, read documentation and work on personal projects. The challenging nature of this field combined with my personal passion for coding ignited my career change. I’ve learned to seek out and enjoy learning new frameworks and methods to efficiently solve previously difficult problems. Due to the nature of being a coach, my tendency is bringing out the strengths of team members and aiming it towards projects.

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